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Recovery from the ex Tool Kit

When you need some instant help after a tough break-up with someone personality disordered. 

Are you struggling after a break-up with someone you think has a personality disorder? Break ups are always tough, and the impact from cluster B personality types can be especially hard to manage, with eroded levels of self-esteem and self-worth, along with strong feelings of inner shame, guilt and anger. I've been there myself: I know how confusing it can get, wondering what the hell happened and what did I do wrong to encourage this behaviour in my ex. I understand the need for information, to find clarity and to get closure, to make sense of what happened in order to move on. 

I've saved you some stress of having to spend many hours of research by creating this simple toolkit that is designed to help make sense of this messy situation. To get better clarity on why things happened the way they did, and where to go from here to restore your sense of self and well-being backA break up with a partner who is personality disordered can trigger emotional flashbacks and re-ignite a trauma response within you, and it can be hard to talk with others about this when they don't understand what it is like dating someone dysfunctional. Many are tempted into getting back together with their abusive ex's to soothe their inner suffering, or blindly jump into another dysfunctional relationship without paying attention the warning signs. Some men lose their trust in women completely, and some feel ashamed for getting together with this person in the first place, and ashamed for not being able to trust themselves; that their instincts that were telling them from the beginning that something wasn't right with this person.n, audio and videos provided in this package, I will discuss how you can manage your anger and transform feelings of shame that may have been brought to the surface because of this relationship. 

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