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The Call of the Serpent Book (paper back)

The Christian Church for many centuries has painted a picture of the snake being the emissary of the Devil, which still stands strong today in our modern-day slang e.g. calling someone “a snake” to denote someone untrustworthy and with evil intentions.  I wrote this book to reveal that this is a product of religious propaganda, and that the whole ancient world was once based on Ophiolatreia (Snake Worship). Cultures in which sexuality - in both its physical and spiritual aspects were celebrated - held the snake with honour, whereas later repressive belief systems that shunned the goddess and deemed human sexuality as sinful, regarded the snake as evil.


In this book I explore the reasons why snakes fell from grace, their associations with the Divine Feminine and how they are linked with ancient esoteric knowledge. The snake has played a far bigger role in the pursuit of Self-knowledge than our history books care to admit. Knowledge about ourselves and the universe and how we can expand our conscious minds and evolve to become all that we can be.


Ancient knowledge that inspired religious reformers, philosophers, mathematicians and sages, knowledge that is timeless in its wisdom and just as applicable to modern day life as it was back then. They don’t need to remain as ancient mysteries anymore: you can apply this timeless serpent wisdom to your life now to help you achieve self-mastery, build personal power and achieve lasting happiness and inner freedom.