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Counselling is a great way to make sense of the past and to gain clarity on how past events have shaped our lives. Traumatic events experienced in childhood and teen years can continue to haunt you as an adult if you haven't made your peace with it, with defence mechanisms set up in early years as a way of protecting you as a young child, are now making things difficult for you as an adult. The mind longs for synthesis and to be whole, so whatever has been repressed, split off, denied etc. must be retrieved for personal development to continue, otherwise you may feel forever “stuck” and not making the progress you were hoping for.

Dwelling on the past and ruminating about past grievances creates physical changes to your body and triggers emotional responses as if the scenario in your head is happening in your external reality, right now. Your body cannot discern between what is really happening or what’s just happening in your head; the somatic and emotional responses will be the same. Can you see how a daily routine of this, rather than giving you clarity and closure, instead just creates more suffering for yourself?

Freedom from suffering is coming to terms with what happened, making peace with it and letting go of your attachment to that story of your life, so that it no longer rules you and the choices that you make. 

You can keep putting up with daily suffering…or you can choose to confront it and own it. It is possible to use this period of confusion, pain and strife to use it as an opportunity to find out who you really are and what you’re made of. Like tea bags, we don’t know how strong we are until we are put in hot water, and to emerge out of this painful situation a more resilient, happier, wiser and stronger person is what we’re aiming for in counselling and coaching.

Change is an inevitable part of personal growth to make room for the new. Suffering happens when we resist change - when we find it hard to let go. Counselling and life coaching can help to empower you with the inner strength to cope with these changes, and to use this as an opportunity to rise from the ashes like the phoenix and emerge even stronger and more resilient to embrace whatever life throws at you. 

Counselling creates a loving and safe place to tell your story, to be listened to with understanding, respect and no judgement from me. To "shed more light" on issues arising from the unconscious, which is done through gaining awareness. Observing and recognising why events from the past and how the relationships you had with your primary caregivers (e.g. mum and dad) have shaped how you view yourself, others and the outside world.

Ultimately if you want to make any changes in your life, the first step is to realise that you are the creator of your reality and are therefore responsible, which means that you are totally capable of changing it. Right here, right now. It may feel like you’re stuck in a jail cell within your mind, but you also have the keys to unlock it and I can show you how... ​

Counselling and coaching could be vital tools to help you achieve inner freedom 

Why is inner freedom so important? Because you are no longer a slave to your whims, urges and impulses. Freedom from believing your critical and self-shaming inner talk. From continually finding yourself in the same kind of relationships. Freedom from caring about what others think all the time. Freedom to choose how you respond in any given situation, rather than always reacting.


When you realise that you are the master of your thoughts and ultimately your own universe, nothing can stop you from creating the life you truly desire. 

Being a mental health counsellor also trained in life coaching, I offer both counselling and coaching sessions depending on your particular needs and what you’re looking for.

I specialise in the following areas: 

Relationship trauma/spousal abuse 

(for men looking for help in the aftermath of a break-up with someone personality disordered, please click here)

 Recovery from eating disorders & self-harm

 Breaking out of habits

Assertiveness training

Building self-esteem, confidence and personal power

Inner resilience training

How to book a session

Go ahead and purchase either an individual session or a bundle package of four sessions (which saves you money). At checkout, you will receive further instructions on how to book the date of your session. You need to buy a session before you are able to book the date in. 

You are welcome to email me with any questions that you may have prior to buying a session. Drop me a message at: mel@thegothcoach.com


*Both counselling and coaching are priced the same*

Each session lasts 60 minutes and is conducted online only. 

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