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My name's Melanie Amandine Philippides and I'm a BACP registered mental health counsellor and qualified life and wellness coach, with over 10 years of experience working in the field of recovery from trauma. 

My qualifications


Certificate in Energy for Life Coaching (click here for website link)

Diploma in Psychosynthesis Counselling  (click here for website link)

BSc (hons) in Psychology from the University of Surrey

Registration with the BACP

Fully licenced and insured mental health counsellor & life coach

What Inspires my work

Unlike many therapists, I actually have first hand experience of dating someone with Borderline Personality Disorder. Combined with my extensive training in psychology, counselling and coaching, I offer an exceptional service when it comes to helping you move on from a difficult person. I've been there and I know I can help you. 


Personal development and seeking to fulfil latent potential has been my mission since I started my psychology training at age 18. I have been fascinated with psychology and mythology since I was a child, inspired by my Greek dad's passion of ancient Greek history, mythology and philosophy. As I grew older and my studies in psychology, counselling and theology increased, I became intrigued by the concept of the mythological Hero's Journey, which is an archetype found across all ancient cultures: the one who experiences an inner calling to become more than he is, to embark on an inner journey to realise his full potential.


The mythological hero’s journey involves pitfalls, tests and sacrifices, the experience of the “dark night of the soul”. This inevitably happens when we face our own shadows, but those who battle on emerge from it stronger, able to conquer the darkness and bring in the light, and in doing so, achieve a Divine status. It’s a theme that applies to the inner world of all of us; the path of personal development and expanding your conscious mind can be a painful one, but phenomenal treasures await for those who do.

I enjoy challenging myself because that's where I explore the depths of my inner strength. I used to have a serious needle and blood phobia, and would avoid blood tests and injections at all costs! Now, after many years of getting regularly tattooed, I barely get flustered at the sight of a needle. I take blood tests like a boss. I'm so much more confident and stronger now from this experience, and the process of getting inked teaches me how to manage pain. 


Dealing is pain is what I'm good at, because i've learned that it can make me a stronger, more powerful and resilient person as a result. And this 100% applies to your inner world: you don't know the depths of your inner strength until you are tested in life, by chaos, crisis and stressful situations. You can succumb to defeat, or you can choose to "rise above", and emerge stronger and wiser from the test.