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Are you feeling traumatised after dating someone abusive and toxic?

Picking up the pieces after dating someone personality disordered? 

Need help making sense of dating someone so dysfunctional?

If yes, then you've come to the right place!

read on below to find out how I can help you recover from this. 

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Do you feel like your ex is driving you completely crazy even AFTER you have split up?

Are you seeing a side of yourself that you don't like?


Ready to put this whole sorry mess of a relationship behind you?


Are you spending a lot of time DOUBTING YOURSELF and what actually happened?


Look, dealing with a relationship with someone personality disordered (such as BPD) is extremely hard for anyone to deal with and is known within the mental health world as one of the most challenging types of relationships to try to recover from. Regardless of whether your ex has a full-blown type B personality disorder or traits (or is simply an extremely dysfunctional person), the suffering can be immense.


It will leave you feeling:


- Anxious and Depressed

- Obsessing over things that happened and things that they did

- Wanting to stalk their social media and act like a detective to try and “solve the puzzle” of what the hell REALLY happened

- Difficulty sleeping and bad dreams

- Mood swings and personality changes

- Unable to regulate feelings of anger, guilt and shame, which have all heightened post break up. 


Sound familiar?


Don’t worry I HAVE HELPED HUNDREDS who felt this way and I can help you.




We’ve all been there, it goes like this:


You friends, family and even your doctor won't believe you. If you try and take the big step and get counselling you leave even more confused and depressed than when you went in.


Everyone will only see the “good side” of her she presents to the world and no one will consider that you might actually be the victim. I've actually had clients who have told me that their psychologist or current counsellor made it worse by not having a clue about what it's like actually dating someone with BPD. 


As it goes, yes I am a qualified mental health counsellor (registered with the BACP) and life coach, with a tonne of experience helping people recover from toxic relationships, but more importantly I've been in a relationship with a diagnosed Borderline man and I know just how awful and traumatic it can get!


Let me guess, there are things that your ex said and did that you can't tell anyone...maybe because you feel too ashamed to admit that you let them get away with it... and you are wondering how they will perceive you afterwards, right?


For my male readers: I get it, you are a man and you don’t want to seem like you can't handle yourself in front of other people let alone be willing to admit that your ex completely f***ed your head up by saying and doing things that you cant even be sure she actually said and did (don’t worry this is one of the long term effects of gaslighting and emotional abuse and I will help you with that).




I can't promise you a quick fix or an easy time, because that’s not how this is going to work. Getting over a relationship with someone who was dysfunctional, abusive and unable to emotional regulate themselves is going to CHALLENGE YOU and push you harder than you’ve ever been pushed before. The results however are totally worth the effort put into putting this all behind you and emerging stronger, wiser and more resilient from this whole experience.


No matter how tough or skilled you might be in other areas of life, these types of people have a very very clever way of sneaking past our defences and doing the maximum damage possible to our most vulnerable parts.


What you need now:


1. Someone who can ground you BACK in reality.


2. Someone who can listen to you and who gets it

because they have been there themselves.

3.Someone who knows how to balance being

sympathetic to the pain you are in (yes, I know it sucks)

with giving you ACTION STEPS to move forward from now.

4. Someone with the qualifications to understand exactly how this personality type functions

and can answer all your questions (I know you have a lot of them!)


5. Someone with a proven track record of helping people recover from abusive and toxic relationships.




There are some burdens you have to carry yourself.


Heartache takes time to grieve and heal from there is no remedy to that, sadly. 

But I can ensure it takes no longer than is absolutely necessary to heal...in fact, with my combination of both counselling and coaching I make the process of recovering from trauma smoother and quicker than if you were to see a counsellor or life coach separately. I create bespoke programs that include both counselling and coaching strategies for my clients, depending on their unique needs. 


WARNING: Without some decent, qualified no-nonsense help the wound will keep re-opening, that is what she wants and you need specialised guidance to stop that from happening so that you can heal.



Get counselling and/or coaching from me


- I can offer you an understanding open source of counsel and a functional strategy to guide you and get you back on track.


- No mumbo jumbo and psychoanalyzing things to death, just a no bullshit approach that helps you get to grips with the problem and...

- Together we will form an alliance that will allow you to turn this painful, messy tragedy into an initiation from which you will emerge stronger and smarter.

To find out more about what I offer and how to order, please click on the button below to get in contact with me. 

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